Welcome to Gee, It’s a Blog and thanks for checking out my website. My name is Audrey Gee, and I created this site as a placeholder for ideas that will hopefully fuel some wonderful stories in my very near future. While none of my pieces will be uploaded here, you can check out the basic plans I have for pieces that I will try to get published. If I get lucky enough, I’ll post links to anything I get published here.

This is also home to a travel blog I’ll be writing as I take a travel writing class this semester.

Not sure if you’ll like what I’m writing, then check out this list of things I like. I try to include my interests in my writing so these things may pop up in my pieces:

  • Reading – a good book can keep me occupied for hours
  • Performing arts – musicals, plays, concerts, ballets, basically anything on a stage or in a theatre
  • British humor – think Monty Python
  • Sci-fi/fantasy TV shows and films – I love me some cheesy original series Star Trek
  • Travelling – 17 countries and counting
  • Australian accents – married an Aussie, his name is Daniel
  • Chai Tea Lattes – I keep a list of the places that serve the best Chai, number one right now is the little cafe inside Booksellers in downtown Cincinnati, OH
  • Sleeping – I should try to do this more often
  • Theme Parks – I got married next door to one, Knott’s Berry Farm, I highly recommend it if you’re ever in California
  • Dancing – took classes for over 16 years, so I hope I’m as good as I think or I wasted almost 75% of my life

While I may not touch all of these subjects, they influence who I am, and as long as I stay honest in my writing, these things will somehow be a part of my pieces. Hope you stick around and check out what I have to say.

Enjoy this picture of me enjoying some mint chocolate chip ice cream in Cincinnati!